Our Services

Farmsby is a farm-to-table digital ecosystem that reduces the risks of running agribusiness in Africa by creating markets, tools, and networks that enable you to grow. Empowering people in agriculture by creating a safe and efficient digital ecosystem for them.

The Farm 🌴

Green Housing

We build custom greenhouse units for vegetables and exotics. We have both Metal and Wooden units of Long (50 x 8) and Standard Sizes(25x8). Our greenhouses reduce the threats to your crops, increase yields, extend product life cycles and make it easier for you to grow your crops all year round.

Farm Set - up

Whether you want a plantation, a vegetable farm, poultry, livestock, or an integration of different things. We are here to help you get your farm off the ground quickly. From setting out to the first seeding, our experienced field personnel will guide the process. Check our brochure for a list of ventures we can help you start now.

Land procurement

Get Affordable Land at choice Locations in any place of your choice. We help you connect with landowners and peaceful communities, whether you want a plot of small-scale livestock or thousands of hectares.

Farm Management

To get the best of productivity, you need to handle your farm operations with expertise. Farmsby offers the best operational supervision across production and processing ventures. We optimize for cost savings and profit maximization, ensuring accurate records, inventory, and qualified staffing.

Smart Agriculture

If you require modern tools like drones, Satellite mapping, Soil testing and analysis, remote monitoring, and others to enable the highest outputs in your farm, we can have them installed and running for you. We also offer maintenance services. We handle:

  1. Aerial Mapping
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Remote Monitoring
  4. Climate and soil Management systems


Get custom feasibility, SOPs, Staff training, Certifications, Process Optimization, Pest and Disease Prevention and control, and general advisory services.

  1. Feasibility
  2. Business Plans
  3. Standard Operating Procedures
  4. Expert Access
  5. Standardizations and Certifications
  6. Supervisory and Advisory Services
  7. Training


Get Farm implements, equipment, chemicals, and others for your farm. We have partnerships with a wide range of impute producers, Machinery and implement dealers, and others. Get a wide range of irrigation systems or solar water pumps, tools, and accessories from us.

Processing and Export:

You can start earning FX in Nigeria through export today. Let’s get you started with processing and export. From machinery recommendation, purchase, and set up to packaging and logistics. We can also help in certification or standardize your processes to help you meet international standards while connecting you with an international buyer.