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Farmsby helps farmers and businesses into agriculture, plant, manage, buy, sell, save anywhere in Africa.

Farmsby Fresh ๐Ÿ…

Fresh products at your fingertips

Spare yourself the hassle of a trip to the market every week. Farmsby delivers fresh, organic agro produce to your doorstep in Port Harcourt and Lagos.

Fresh farm Produce

We know our lives depend on food. So we get you the best quality at its freshest, and from the cleanest sources. And we pack it ready for pickup.

Delivered on time

Rowdy markets, heavy hags, long hours in traffic? Cut all that out and get your foodstuff delivered to you at a time and place convenient for you.

Affordable variety

Find hundreds of different food and grocery items on our menu at the best prizes you can find anywhere. And we give you a wide variety of sizes too.

Farmsby Fresh

Farmsby Green โ˜˜๏ธ

All of your farm in one place

Farmsby Green is a collaborative and decentralized farm management software designed to enable farmers in emerging markets maximize profit by making decisions informed by data.

Monitor your Farm

We are leveraging the power of IoT to bring precision agriculture to the average farmer. Increase efficiency through task and personnel management. Capture every bit of data on your farm using drones, sensors, cameras and more to stay updated on soil and crop health as well as improve yield and minimise waste and disease.

Increase Productivity

Improve output by taking decisions informed by big data on soil, weather, pests or diseases. Follow an optimal guide for your farm. Cut out paper work by having all your information on one digital platform.


Join a network of farmers around you. Solve problems, and share resources on the fly. Stay informed of latest trends and happenings.

Receive Invite ๐Ÿš€

Join our Network ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿพ

Join our virtual Co-Op

We are building Africaโ€™s largest functional digital ecosystem for agriculture. Itโ€™s a network of farmers, aggregators, processors, exporters input providers and consumers.

  • Stay up to date with trends and opportunities

  • Learn and be part of impactful an exciting projects

  • Sharpen your field skills with courses and trainings

  • Get access to agricultural products and services at best prices

What Farmsby does for you

We help you improve outputs from your agribusiness in months. 8 Big reasons why you should start using Farmsby today.

No Setup Fee

Only pay for services, as you use them. No credit card required.

Stay Connected

Connect with industry experts, collaborate with other farmers.

100% Secure

All your details remain safe with us and your privacy is assured.


Get actionable insights with live data from your farm and the markets to maximize profit and yield.

Smart Farming

Manage your farm on the go, Get help setting Up and Managing your Farm

Shop Fresh

Get fresh produce on demand

International Trade

Buy, sell and aggregate from one platform


For Everyone its so simple and easy, anybody can use our software.